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About Us

InsideIL is a paid summer internship matching platform for top MBA students and startups, VCs, and multinational companies in Israel. InsideIL is open to students from all backgrounds who are seeking the opportunity to intern in Israel. InsideIL provides and a unique opportunity for students to live and work in Israel while building long-lasting connections with the Israeli business community.

InsideIL works with companies in Israel to identify and structure paid summer internships that will be beneficial for both the company and the intern. In addition, InsideIL offers grants to MBA interns to subsidize flights, housing, and other expenses. InsideIL also provides logistical assistance with travel, housing, and visa applications.

How it works



Browse our job chart to explore our diverse selection of internships opportunities in a wide range of industries.



Upload and send your CV and cover letter directly to companies where you wish to intern. Your information will be sent directly to each company’s inbox.



Interested companies will get in touch. Schedule an interview and don't forget to smile.



Receive an official offer from the company by phone or email.



Inform InsideIL upon receiving an offer, and apply for an InsideIL grant.



Receive your grant approval from InsideIL, sign an internship agreement with the company, and work with our team to arrange visas, flights, and housing.



Get ready to experience the startup nation from the best seat in the house!

Matching platform for top MBA students at multinational companies

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General information

How does InsideIL help MBA students?

In addition to the host company payments, InsideIL offers up to $7,500 grants to MBA interns to subsidize flights, housing, and other expenses. InsideIL also provides logistical assistance with housing and visa applications. We also offer supplemental and optional programming in the form of lectures from prominent Israeli figures, networking events, and excursions. Please note that while students will submit their resume and cover letters to the various companies using the InsideIL platform, the companies themselves (and not InsideIL) will be in charge of selecting students for interviews and ultimately extending offers.

What are the internship dates?

Most internships are intended to begin in early June. However, start dates are flexible according to your scheduling preferences and those of each individual company. Internships can span 8-14 weeks, which you will be able to negotiate on a case-by-case basis during your interviews.

How does the job and grant application process work?

First, explore jobs on Job Chart and apply to opportunities which interest you. Once you are at the final stages of securing a position with an Israeli firm (i.e. you are their top candidate), you will be eligible to apply for a grant from InsideIL. We understand that your acceptance of a job may be contingent upon receiving grant money, and will work closely with you and the companies throughout the process.

Terms of Servicee

Limitations of Liability and Governing Law: InsideIL provides its services without charge to you. InsideIL funds travel and lodging in Israel and offers general guidance regarding your experience in Israel. Any work arrangements in Israel made are between you and the company that is providing an internship to you. InsideIL, and its employees, volunteers and agents will under no circumstances be liable to you for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from your acceptance of grants provided by InsideIL, from your travel to and from Israel or from your presence in or performing of any services while you are in Israel. The laws of the State of Massachusetts shall govern any dispute arising between you and InsideIL and all disputes shall be resolved in the courts of the State of Massachusetts.

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