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COVID Update: We are closely tracking the COVID-19 pandemic and Israel's large-scale vaccination campaign, and we think that in-person internships in Israel may be possible this summer. In the event that in-person internships are not possible, internships will be offered virtually, with interns joining their companies remotely. We will make a final decision about in-person versus virtual in early April.

How Does it Work?


Check out insideIL’s paid Internship Positions page and browse the many opportunities the program offers.


Apply by filling out the short application form and uploading your CV and cover letter.


Organizations will review the applications and get in touch with you to schedule an interview, or to notify you that they will not continue the process.


If you’re selected for the internship, the organization will send you an official offer and finalize internship dates with you.


insideIL will assist you with pre-arrival logistics such as travel, housing, and visa. You will receive an educational grant for the first 10 weeks of the internship.


You’re all set.
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What our interns say

Meaghan Casey, Wharton, interned at Reactful

"insideIL was exactly what I was looking for - an opportunity to see the startup life that's so valued in Israel first hand. I felt like my contributions made a difference, and it was exciting to be part of a company's young, but rapid, growth. I highly recommend considering it for your summer internship. It was great for sharing my experience once I was back at my MBA program as well."

Daniel Wallman, MIT Sloan, interned at Shaldor

"I wanted to find a way to live and enjoy life in Israel while continuing my professional development before starting business school. insideIL did an excellent job with matching me with a summer internship where I learned so much and was fortunate enough to work with some of the best in Israel!"

Carolyne Quinn, London Business School, interned at Payoneer

“I was surprised at the autonomy given to even young workers, with the freedom to fail while developing their own projects – as well as my company’s strong conception of their products for the global market rather than just in Israel. Other interns underscored the same lessons, regardless of whether they worked for a tiny five-person company or for a global behemoth. My time in Israel will continue to impact me. Payoneer also has a London office where I could continue to be challenged and make a difference, but regardless of where I end up, I am positive that I will always have an eye out for the next best thing coming out of Israel.”

Amrita Vir, Harvard Business School, interned at Blender

“insideIL was an awesome way to intern at an Israeli startup and still feel like I was part of a community of interns - I always had friends to explore restaurants, beaches, and even other parts of the country with. I also learned so much about the Israeli startup community and even managed to get a couple of job offers from fintech companies that I worked with over the summer!”

Virgile Wu, Chicago Booth, interned at BrainQ

“Thanks to InsideIL, I had the most amazing time of my MBA so far. I worked for a med-tech start-up in its strategy and business development team. The project was super interesting and as a Chinese national, I leveraged my language skills and local network to add value to the company. It was a fruitful summer, not to mention I enjoyed every day in the sun and with friendly people.”

FAQs for Students

Who can apply to become an intern in the insideIL program?

itrek alumni, current graduate students, or recent graduates from our partner schools.

Do I need to be Jewish to be an InsideIL intern?

Not at all! In fact, over 90% of insideIL's past interns were non-Jewish.

When are internships and how long do they last?

Internships vary from 8-10 weeks and fall between May and August.

What happens after I submit my application(s)?

After you submit your application:

  • The Organization will reach out to schedule an interview with you, or let you know that it will not be offering you an interview. 
  • If the Organization identifies you as the candidate it would like to bring on as an intern, it will extend you a formal offer. 
  • insideIL will work closely with you and the Organization throughout the process.
What can I expect to receive from my Host Organization?

A unique opportunity to perform meaningful and substantive endeavours, coupled with guided supervision and peer mentorship during their internship period.

What can I expect to receive from insideIL?
  • An opportunity to live and work in Israel, at a top Organization or company.
  • A weekly grant from itrek which may be used to subsidize flights, housing, and other expenses for up to 10 weeks.
  • Assistance with travel arrangements, housing, insurance and visa applications.
  • Support throughout the application and placement process.
  • Educational programming including:
  • Weekly sessions with prominent businesspersons, entrepreneurs, innovators, political and civil society leaders and activists, jurists and more across the Israeli landscape.
  • Weekend trips exploring Israel's unique and diverse landscapes.
  • Networking events.
  • Programmatic mentorship throughout the internship.
  • And much more!
What visa will I need to enter Israel?

You will enter Israel on a tourist visa. insideIL internships are characterized as part of the graduate educational experience. Payments from insideIL to you are categorized as educational grants.

What are some important dates to remember?
  • You can apply between February 1 - March 15.
  • Organizations will review applications and begin interviewing suitable candidates in March, and extend offers by April.
  • New intern cohorts will arrive in Israel in late May.
What is insideIL’s role in all of this?

insideIL has three roles in this process. First, we provide the platform that matches you with top Organizations for paid summer internships in Israel. Second, we support you throughout the summer if you have any logistical or housing-related needs. Third, we design and lead your educational programming during the internship period.

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