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COVID Update: We are closely tracking the COVID-19 pandemic and Israel's large-scale vaccination campaign, and we think that in-person internships in Israel may be possible this summer. In the event that in-person internships are not possible, internships will be offered virtually, with interns joining their companies remotely. We will make a final decision about in-person versus virtual in early April.

How Does it Work?


Organization posts a paid internship via insideIL’s Internship Positions page.


Students apply with CV and cover letter.


Organization reviews applications, interviews selected candidates, and notifies all other candidates that they were not selected for an interview.


Organization makes an official offer to the chosen Intern and finalizes internship dates.


When an Organization recruits an Intern, it may contribute $250 to itrek for its part in hiring the Intern.


insideIL offers support for travel, housing, and visa. Organizations may contribute a weekly stipend.

What our Partner Organizations say

Ori Fingerer, Co-Founder & VP Business Development, Weissbeerger

“This program gave us something different, better. The interns were all top-notch and understood their role quickly, and were very helpful right off the bat. The fact that they all moved to amazing firms upon graduation speaks volumes! I see myself hiring such interns full time too, if possible. It would save costs and give me capabilities that are hard to come by.”

Amy Wyron, Global Head of Delivery, Gett

“Our intern was a true asset and contributor to our team. The combination of her business acumen with her SQL skills made her a perfect fit. Her outstanding attention to detail, ability toself-teach and self-manage, and commitment to excellence made it a pleasure to work with her. She made a great impact during her time here.”

Prescott Watson, Director of Special Projects, OurCrowd

"insideIL is a fantastic source for Israeli companies to find top-tier students. The insideIL team is great to work with and - most importantly - insideIL interns are among the most driven and capable we've worked with".

Jonathan Klahr, Susquehanna Growth Equity, LLC

“We had a great experience with our insideIL intern. He demonstrated quality and excellence in everything he did. He added a unique and fresh perspective on our business. He worked extremely hard and gave us additional capacity."

Jordan Aibel, Director of Operations, MassChallenge Israel

"lt was a pleasure working with both the insideIL team and our insideIL intern, and we look forward to doing so again next summer (only wish there were fall and spring interns, too!)."

FAQs for Organizations

How can my Organization become a Partner Organization?

Glad you asked! One click here will take you to our registration page. Once you've registered your Organization, you can begin posting new positions!

Glad you asked! One click here will take you to our registration page. Once you've registered your Organization, you can begin posting new positions!

What are some important dates to remember?
  • insideIL will accept new positions submitted between January 1 and February 1.
  • Applications will arrive between February 1 - March 15. 
  • Interested Organizations should interview candidates in March and extend offers in the first week of April. 
  • New intern cohorts will arrive in Israel in May.
Can we post more than one position?

Sure! We encourage you to do so, as long as you can guarantee a high-quality opportunity for every Intern.

Who is eligible to register as a Partner Organization?

To be eligible for registering as a Partner Organization, you should:

  • Be a Company, VC, Start-Up, NGO, think-tank or research institute interested in hosting interns for meaningful summer internships.
  • Offer a substantive and clearly described position within the Organization.
  • Ensure the Organization can pair the intern with a peer mentor.
  • Kindly consider making a contribution to itrek in accordance with our insideIL-Partner Organization Agreement.
  • Be approved by insideIL.
What are the advantages of having graduate students as Interns?

Our Interns are current students and recently-graduated alums from the top business, law, policy and STEM graduate schools in North America and Europe. They are highly skilled, motivated and experienced individuals who share an interest in Israel, with many having visited Israel on an itrek in the past. These internships are an important part of their professional development, and they expect to join the world’s leading Organizations upon graduation.

Can interns be non-Jewish?

Absolutely! In fact, over 90% of past interns and itrek participants were non-Jewish.

How long and when are the internships?

Internships vary from 8-10 weeks starting late May 2021.

What happens after students submit their applications?

After students submit their applications:

  • You should schedule an interview with the ones that are the best fit, and let the rest know that you will not be offering them an interview. It is important to respond to every applicant that applies, even if you do not want to interview them. 
  • When you have identified the candidate you would like to bring on as an intern, you can extend them a formal offer. 
  • insideIL will work closely with you and the applicants throughout the process.
What can interns expect to receive from us?

Partner Organizations are responsible for a clear and discrete project and meaningful supervision and mentorship for the Intern, and for the agreed upon grant contribution.

What visa will interns need to enter Israel?

Interns will enter Israel on a tourist visa. insideIL internships are characterized as part of the graduate educational experience. Payments from insideIL to the intern are categorized as educational grants.

What if my Organization doesn't have a program designed for interns?

Not to worry! insideIL provides a curated educational program for Interns, including meeting prominent speakers from multiple sectors, cohort-building sessions, weekend seminars, and more.

What is insideIL’s role in all of this?

insideIL has three roles in this process. First, we provide the platform that matches you with top graduate students for paid summer internships in Israel. Second, we support Interns throughout the summer if they have any logistical or housing-related needs. Third, we design and lead Interns’ educational programming during the internship period.

What are the Terms of Service?

Limitations of Liability and Governing Law:
itrek provides its services without charge to Organizations. itrek provides interns a grant, with which they are expected to fund travel and lodging in Israel.

itrek offers general guidance to Partner Organizations regarding Interns' experience during the internship. Internship terms and conditions beyond those governed by the agreement between insideIL and the Partner Organizations, are subject to agreement between Partner Organizations and Interns.

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