Research intern

The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research

Jerusalem Metro Area

About the Job

Research and GIS work: developing visual mapping of governmental ecosystem in 5 capitals around the world: Washington, Berlin, Haag, Geneva, Ottawa.

This is a paid internship. The intern will receive an educational grant of $600 per week.

While interns are expected to take care of their own travel, accommodation, and insurance, insideIL will provide them with resources and support to help them with these aspects of their experience.

  • Quick Learning
  • Interest and good knowledge in Government studies
  • GIS
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative research on government and governance-related issues
  • Collecting, analyzing and presenting data, and in making it accessible to policymakers
  • Assisting the institutes researchers on research and writing related work

About the company

The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, established in 1978, is a leading and influential research and thought institute that issues from Jerusalem a sustainable social, economic, and spatial doctrine. The Institute is where reality shapers turn to in order to promote and define policy issues in Israel in general and in Jerusalem in particular. The Institute’s activities and researches help institutions and bodies to shape and implement innovative and effective policy and bring Jerusalem, with all its various components to the world—and the world to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a source of inspiration for the Institute, a research field, a laboratory, and a space of influence. Developing the city for the benefit of its residents, lovers, and believers, strengthening its global standing and leveraging it—all these head the Institute’s agenda. The Institute’s activities set forth from Jerusalem into broader circles throughout Israel and the world and come back to it, contributing to the city and its residents.


May-August 2021

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