Research Assistant on a podcast project

Molad - Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy

Tel Aviv Metro Area and Central District

About the Job

HIgh-level assistance with researching, writing, and editing a 10-part podcast series about the Oslo peace process. The podcast sets out to find within the details of Oslo's history a nuanced narrative that will be accessible to a wide audience.

This is a paid internship. The intern will receive an educational grant of $500 per week.

While interns are expected to take care of their own travel, accommodation, and insurance, insideIL will provide them with resources and support to help them with these aspects of their experience.

We are seeking an intern with a passion for history and a dispassionate approach to research. Hebrew and/or Arabic language proficiency would be advantageous as well as experience with writing content, and podcast production.
Reading and extracting key arguments and facts from primary and secondary material on the Oslo peace process. Pre-interview research. Comments and ideas during the writing process.
About the company
Molad is an independent, non-partisan Israeli think tank that works to reinvigorate Israeli society by injecting new ideas into all spheres of public discourse. Our vision combines progressive values with a realistic approach to the political and geopolitical challenges of Israeli reality. Molad’s rigorous multi-disciplinary research offers fresh alternatives to stagnant political discourse in and about Israel. While we guard our intellectual independence and reject affiliation with any political party, person, or movement, Molad does not present itself as a-political. We believe that the solutions to Israel’s security threats and social and economic ills lie in a democratic system that will embody the interests and true ambitions of its citizens.

May - July 2021

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