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About the Job

We are looking for outstanding students in engineering / computer science to join our team! Mobileye changes the way we drive, from preventing collisions to developing autonomous vehicles. If you are an outstanding bright, hands-on person with a passion to make a difference, join us to lead the revolution! The Algorithms group in Mobileye generates algorithmic solutions powering our three key product groups: Autonomous Vehicles, Car accidents prevention systems, and High Definition Semantic Maps (created through crowd Sourcing). We apply multiple technologies to achieve these goals, including Computer Vision, Applied Mathematics, Advanced Software and Deep Learning. The algorithms group consists of top-notch developers and researchers and is headed by world-class scientists. People here typically combine exceptional technology abilities with team spirit and a sense of purpose.

This is a paid internship. The intern will receive an educational grant of $900 per week.

While interns are expected to take care of their own travel, accommodation, and insurance, insideIL will provide them with resources and support to help them with these aspects of their experience.

Examples of some of the specializations offered in the internship: Using simulated data to train our 3D Geometry DNN. Research data augmentation by rendering different points of view of inference results. Assist with creating an infrastructure for Single Image 3D inference. Research different 3D Geometry DNN architectures. Object detection and segmentation benchmark: Compare results between different architecture. "Beat" the State of the are performance. Develop a parallel multi-gpu training: train huge networks in less than a day instead of weeks. Develop an auto hyper-parameter tuning algorithm. "Create" hard examples: find out what are the classifiers limits and develop new interesting examples using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN). The effective receptive field in ConvNets - Develop an object detector which is robust to different input image size. Unsupervised boosting - build an algorithm for classifiers output anomaly detection and boosting for improving performance. Dynamic boosting on cloud - develop a training algorithm and a dedicated database for dynamic boosting in AWS.
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About the company
Mobileye, an Intel company, was launched in 1999 with the belief that vision-safety technology will make our roads safer, reduce traffic congestion and save lives. With a cutting edge team of more than 1,700 employees, Mobileye has developed a range of software products that is deployed on a proprietary family of computer chips named EyeQ. We are a leading supplier of software that enables Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), with more than 25 automaker partners including some of the world’s largest. Beyond ADAS, our technology has rapidly evolved to also support the three pillars of Autonomous Driving – Sensing, Mapping, and Driving Policy. As a result of this broad and well-advanced product offering, we have achieved a partnership to develop production-ready Fully Autonomous Vehicles with BMW and Intel, with production launch planned for 2021, and another partnership with the Tier-1 supplier Delphi for a “turnkey” system to be productized starting from 2019 with customer OEMs. We are dedicated to continuing our two-decade tradition of leveraging the newest technology, including AI, deep learning and crowdsourcing, to create the hardware and software needed to help our over 25 OEMs partners enable ADAS systems and eventually fully autonomous vehicles. These partners choose Mobileye due to our track-record of innovation, but also because our systems have been validated to the highest level of safety and accuracy over millions of miles.

May - August 2021

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