NGO Comparative Research Intern

Civil Leadership

Tel Aviv Metro Area and Central District

About the Job

The NGO Comparative Research Intern will conduct comparative research of the non-profit sector in Israel as compared to other countries along with various parameters such as impact and evaluation, funding opportunities, the role of the non-profit sector during the COVID crisis, and more. The research will be carried out in cooperation with academic institutions such as Tel Aviv University's Institute for Law and Philanthropy (ILP) or in conjunction with the Center for the Study of Civil Society and Philanthropy at the School of Social Work and Social Welfare, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

This is a paid internship. The intern will receive an educational grant of $500 per week.

While interns are expected to take care of their own travel, accommodation, and insurance, insideIL will provide them with resources and support to help them with these aspects of their experience.

  1. Strong research skills
  2. An ability to reach out to non-profit research centers in other countries to access data
  3. Great interpersonal skills
  4. An ability to collaborate with academia
  5. Strong writing skills in English

- Produce a comparison research report
- Introduce and build partnerships with other non-profit umbrella organizations in other countries
- Report to academic researchers from Israeli universities and/or think tanks

About the company
Civic Leadership is the umbrella organization of the third sector in Israel. Since 1986 we have been working on taking the diverse shades and colors of the third sector and forming a single sectorial voice to promote a common agenda. Civic Leadership expands the influence of the third sector by improving the regulatory reality for all non-profit organizations (NPOs). It represents organizations to the regulatory authorities and the government and works to improve the public’s perceptions and attitudes about civil society organizations. We are fully committed to making a deep structural change in the relationship between government and the third sector in order to enable the NPOs to maximize their positive impact on Israeli society. Civic Leadership sees its work in strengthening Israeli democracy as one of its most important roles today. Research points at a direct connection between high levels of civil engagement in society to increased tolerance and moderation, and ultimately strengthening democratic norms and values in that society. In today’s divided Israel with its deep schisms tearing at its very fabrics, activities working to strengthen democratic conversation and increasing civil involvement is more important than ever before.

May - August 2021

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