Start-Up Nation Central

Tel Aviv Metro Area and Central District

About the Job

We conduct research on different sectors in the Israeli ecosystem to understand which startups operate in those areas and what solutions they offer. We map them by using the data that we have gathered and by speaking to the startups and other industry experts. We are planning to map additional sectors this year and need assistance with that. We are also planning to analyze data on the ecosystem as a whole to understand different trends that have developed.

This is a paid internship. The intern will receive an educational grant of $900 per week.

While interns are expected to take care of their own travel, accommodation, and insurance, insideIL will provide them with resources and support to help them with these aspects of their experience.

Good quantitative skills. Understanding of the startup world and tech solutions. Ability to research on the internet and find data. Communication skills. Patience.
Taking a particular field and doing research on that area. Examining a data set and improving, cleaning and upgrading the data.
About the company

We are a nonprofit that helps to promote the Israeli startup ecosystem. We make connections between Israel and the world, we host events and we support local startups.  We also offer a free online database with information on startups and other ecosystem players and conduct research on it using the data that we gather.


May - August 2021

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